Dear Visitor,

AXX individual company is a legal successor of an individual venture established in 1996. We are successfully in place on supply market with more than 10 years of experience. Our main profile are fixing, constructioning, but we also run on cleaning.

Our target is to help our parters effective.

What we offer?
- ambitious work that match to the European requirements
- fast, cost effective, precise services
- all-inclusive warranty
- our staff has moral report card, they are technically prepared major Hungarian citizens
- excellent quality appliances and machines
- applied materials and technologes are eligible by the rules of the European Union

We try to cooperate with our Clients as long as possible. For this reason our company maximally conforms to the wants to our Customers. Additionally we continually and dynamically growing by the expect of the market.

We do our job by previous measurements and use customized rates.

After measured custom wants promptly:
- we prepare our service properly
- we minimalize the occurent charges
- we define the account accurately
- we are in place permanently
- we verify the quailty constantly
- we keep the dead-lines we have undertook
- we provide all-inclusive warranty to our Clients.

According to the rules we have third party liability.

AXX e.c.